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Tots Curriculum

1-year-old by August 31st

Maximum Class Size: 8 children

It is never too early to begin learning! That is why GFCC created our wonderful Tots classroom. In this class, teachers create a warm and nurturing space that provides ample room for children to safely explore a whole new world away from home-often for the very first time.


Developmental Goals for Tots: 

Physical Development:

Increasing awareness and control over body movements.

Fingering feeding efficiently. 

Sitting in/climbing in and out of child-sized chairs.

Squatting to pick-up objects

Rolling a ball

Emotional Development: 

Establishing a trust/bond with non-familial caregivers. 

Seeks comfort or assistance from caregivers when upset/frustrated. 

Shows awareness if someone else is in upset or in distress. 

Social Development: 

Engages in parallel play.

Begins to cooperate with others while playing.






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